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May 23, 2011

Mom Find: Foxpaws

After each of my sons was born, one of the first things I did was unswaddle them to look at their feet. Not because I wanted to ensure that they were born with 10 toes, but because I wanted to catch a glimpse of those adorable little things. I’m not even a fan of feet. Seriously. They gross me out most of the time. But baby feet, I just love! Unfortunately, it’s not very realistic to keep your baby barefoot all the time, especially when they start walking. So if you have to cover up those squishy tootsies, you should do it with something equally as cute.

Check out this precious brand of shoes made for newborns up to 24 months. The company is called Foxpaws, and I am in love. I’m just sad that at only 17 months old, Oscar’s feet are almost too big for these. Good thing I know plenty of other babies!

Not only are they completely adorable, Foxpaws sends private donations to Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) upon each order to help sponsor children and orphanages in need.

How did I find this brand? Zulily, of course! And here’s another Zulily find that I think is uberfun — a 3-D moose puzzle to display on your wall! This, along with a lot of other unique family games and activities, is made by Discovery Bay Games.