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January 24, 2011

A living room worth living in

In our house, most of our time is spent in the living room. It’s a huge room, and it took us a while to decide how to best set it up to make it feel more cozy, yet still have space for the kids to play. So here’s a picture of what the room looked like right after we moved in.

Very eclectic, right? We didn’t have much furniture having just moved from a much smaller house. After a lot of talking, a lot of shopping, and then even more talking, we finally decided on this new furniture and a rug to help break up the beige carpet a little.


The coffee table, two chairs and entertainment center are from Crate and Barrel, the rug is from Home Decorators, and the side table is from CB2. And for Christmas, we bought ourselves a new TV by taking advantage of a nice Black Friday deal from Best Buy!!

Hopefully you’ll agree that this is a huge improvement, but there are still some things to be done. For example, Alex built bookshelves to go along the wall behind the two chairs. And those are still sitting in the garage just waiting for a couple coats of paint to be applied. I plan to tackle those very soon…I’m embarrassed to think about how long we have had those out in the garage and not in our house. Seriously, it’s ridiculous!

Here’s the list of all the things that we plan to accomplish in the not-so-distant future (some more distant than others):

  • Paint the new bookshelves
  • Knock down built-in bookshelves next to fireplace (They are very narrow and in a weird place, I’ll post more about this later)
  • Paint the walls
  • Add carpet in area where built-ins were
  • Hang things on the walls
  • Replace mantle (we want something with a little more presence)
  • Get mirror for above fireplace
  • Scrape popcorn ceiling
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Update all of the old throw pillows