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January 10, 2011

Are we there yet?

My husband and I bought our first house 1.5 years ago, but it still looks as if we just moved in. Not that we still have boxes to unpack (we aren’t that bad), but we’ve barely hung anything on the walls and we’ve done very little in the way of turning it into the house we know it could be. Of course we’ve had other things on our plate (2nd baby, new job situations, etc). But let’s face it, we’ve gotten a little lazy. We’ve also gotten overwhelmed with the amount of decisions that have to be made and the amount of money that has to be spent. But now it’s 2011, and we’ve resolved to be more productive this year. No more excuses.

First thing on our to-do list… MAKE A LIST. We are creating a list of everything we want to do with each room in the house. Then we plan to go through the list and knock each thing out one by one, depending on time and money of course. I’m not expecting our house to be perfect overnight, but hopefully making a list and having that in front of us at all times will keep our heads from spinning and help us stay focused.

Here is a picture of our house shortly after moving in. Check out those sad flowerbeds. But don’t forget about those glorious trees behind the house (more about those in a later post).


Has anyone else struggled to find a good starting point on their house? How did you overcome that, and where did you start?