Trends We Love: Black and White


Lately, my Pinterest boards have been filling up with rooms decorated in black and white. It’s a classic combination that instantly becomes even more interesting with the right mix of textures and patterns. I especially love a black and white room with just a small splash of bold color that really pops.

No matter what style you prefer, from country to modern, integrating varying shades of blacks, whites and grays is sure to result in an elegant living space.

I’ve rounded up a few items from CB2 to show how effortlessly this trend can come together to create a room your friends will envy.

1) Bridge Architecture and Landscape Prints – Set of 2; 2) Elevated 18″ Pillow, Knit Sweater 23″ Pillow, Pin-up Black and White 18″ Pillow; 3) Trio Floor Lamp; 4) Nucha Vases; 5) Dual Pebble Sectional; 6) Reprouvé Coffee Table; 7) D-constructed Throw; 8) Family Black and White Rug


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