If a tree falls in your backyard, and your neighbor isn’t around to see it…

Who pays for it? About a month ago, we were lucky enough to have a few storms pass through the area. I know it’s weird to be excited about storms, but that was the first rain we had in a while (unfortunately, it was also the last). During the storm, we heard a thud outside. This isn’t an uncommon thing for us considering we have a forest for a backyard (read about that here). However, it was an unusually loud thud, and we both looked at each other wondering what we would find in the morning. Well, this is what we found…



At first, we were pretty excited that the storm took care of a tree removal for us, especially since we had just received a very pricey quote for having a few trees removed and some pruning done. Then we realized it wasn’t our tree that had fallen. It belonged to the neighbor that lives behind us. This was a huge tree that was obviously rotting and really needed to be cut down. Now, it was laying across the back corner of our yard, and even falling into our other neighbor’s yard while crushing the fence in between. Also, one of the thick branches of the fallen tree got stuck on the way down and is now propped up on the branch of one of our trees. We are just waiting for that to also fall and take our branch with it. That initial excitement we felt about saving a little money on tree removal changed to anger thinking about how much work it would be to cut that tree down into smaller, movable pieces. But it’s not our tree!

So Alex walked over to the neighbor’s house to politely inform them of what had happened. Nobody was home. So he left a friendly note with our phone number. We waited a few days, but no phone call. Alex walked back over to the house to try to catch them at home. That’s when he saw a For Sale sign in the front yard. WHAT!!! We thought surely the real estate agent or the homeowner would call us to get this taken care of so that potential buyers didn’t see it. But it’s been a month and so far, nothing.

Do we have to pay for this ourselves? Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? If so, how did it get handled?

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