The built-ins are out!

Finally! We did it. The built-ins are gone. To refresh your memory on the awkwardness of these built-ins read this post.

First step in removing the built-ins was to gather a couple of quotes from carpet companies. We knew there would be no carpet in the space under the built-ins, so we wanted to see how much that would cost before moving forward with this project. It wasn’t too bad. So we chose a company and scheduled a day for them to come. Now that we had that set up, it was time to get to work. Out came the sledge hammer. Okay, maybe it was a little rubber mallet, but regardless, it did what we needed it to do.

Here are a couple of shots of Alex in action.

Unfortunately, Alex had to finish the last part of the removal on his own while I was at work. But he took this shot with his phone and sent it to me so I could see what it looked like.

Besides the actual demolition itself, the best part about removing these built-ins was getting a glimpse of what this room looked like in the 70s when it was built. Notice the dark wood paneling that is showing through on the unpainted parts of the wall and the brownish vinyl flooring that is apparently beneath the carpet throughout the entire room. I bet this room was groovy, baby.

The vinyl flooring didn’t stick around for long. The following afternoon, the carpet guy came out and covered it for us. He removed part of the carpet from another room (that we plan to eventually pull up anyway) and used it to patch up this spot. So this is what the room looks like currently.

The carpet that was pulled from the other room was under a couch so it’s very clean compared to the carpet in this location which is a high traffic area. But we were assured that after getting the carpets cleaned, the line will hardly be noticeable. Also, carpet repair guys do not mess with tile. Boo! He was not sure how to handle the crazy tile situation that was mentioned here. So instead, he cut the carpet extra long so that we could figure out later how we wanted to handle it. We think we’ll end up putting in a transition strip since we aren’t ready for new kitchen flooring. But who knows. In the mean time, I’m enjoying the more open doorway and can’t wait to get started on painting.


One Comment to “The built-ins are out!”

  1. awesome, possum! looks great, egners. keep it up, i say.

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