Our thumbs are turning green

On my very first post, I showed a picture of the front of the house right after we moved in. The yard had absolutely no curb appeal. There were just a handful of tiny plants in oversized and misshapen flowerbeds and a yard full of dying grass. It was pitiful.

We knew a lot of work needed to be done, so little by little we got out there and got to work. First, we reshaped the flowerbeds in front of the house. We liked the rocks that were used as the border, they just needed to be buried into the ground a little. When we were finally ready to do some planting, we had no clue where to begin. Luckily, my father-in-law loves gardening and has an extensive knowledge of plants. He and Alex headed off to the nursery and came home with a bunch of plants to get us started. That was last spring, and since then, we’ve been adding plants to fill in some areas or replace those that did not fare well over the extremely hot summer. You should hear us talk now. We actually know types of plants and point them out in other flowerbeds around the neighborhood. We feel so old.

We’ve also done some work on the big circular flowerbed around the trees in the front. We made the circle smaller and buried those rocks as well. The smaller circle looks much better, but it left us with a ring of dirt around the perimeter. Just this past month, we finally got around to laying sod down. We hope it starts spreading soon. We’ve also added St. Augustine plugs throughout the yard to fill in some of the bare areas.

Here is the BEFORE picture that was taken right after moving in.

And here is the AFTER picture (almost two years later).

As you can see, it’s looking so much better. Now we just have to wait it out while the St. Augustine spreads and the plants get bigger and fill in. I’m positive we will be adding new plants and moving old plants around until we get it just right. We’ve even been talking about adding another flowerbed to the front yard, along the sidewalk near the street. But in the mean time, we are pretty happy with the results and amazed at how much we have learned in the process.


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