Our momentum has been hibernating

A few weeks ago, in my post about our work-in-progress living room, I mentioned a pair of bookcases that were sitting in our garage. Well, they are still sitting there.

After we purchased all of our new furniture for the living room, we realized we had pretty much blown our budget for the room. So when it came time to choosing bookcases, dropping another $1000 for the set we thought would be perfect for the space, just wasn’t going to happen. We knew we needed two in order to fill the space and we knew we wanted them to be open so you could see the wall color come through the back. That way they would look a little more like built-ins since we are planning to tear down the current built-ins that are in an awkward space by the fireplace.

So Alex finally gave in, and volunteered to build them himself. He figured he had watched enough episodes of This Old House so he would know what to do. Oh, and he also got a little help from a friend that actually does know what to do. He spent less than $300 for wood and supplies, saving us about $700. He started in August, but with our busy schedules and our crazy kids, it took a while to finally fit in enough time to finish building them. Then I got to work on sanding and priming. At that point we lost momentum, the weather got cold, holidays took up even more of our time, and suddenly it’s February and we can’t believe they are still sitting there. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and I am. Also, I’m sick of parking in the driveway.

All they need is a couple coats of paint, so I am making these a priority on our list of things to do. After they are painted and moved into the house, we will be able to tear down the awful built-ins and paint the walls. Yay! I’m so excited to get going…again.

3 Responses to “Our momentum has been hibernating”

  1. Those look great! I can’t wait to see what color you paint them.


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