The Garden of Egner

After my post about the yard yesterday, I’m really excited to talk about the progress we made this past weekend. It just happened to be 70 degrees in the middle of winter, so Alex and I took advantage of it and got to work on our soon to be vegetable garden.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but had I remembered to take a BEFORE shot, you’d really be able to see the work that we did. So I’ll just tell you about it instead. We chose this corner of the yard because it is one of the only areas that receives direct sunlight for a good amount of the day. (We are starting with a small garden for now, in order to test the area and make sure it really does receive enough light.) The entire chain link fence was covered in English Ivy coming from our neighbor’s backyard. We tore it all out. And do you see that pile of bricks? Well, that’s just the leftovers. We moved a ton of random bricks from that corner of the yard. Not sure why they were there to begin with, but after digging them all up and stacking them nicely behind the shed, we realized we had enough to start another backyard project…a walkway. Yippee! Starting a garden is basically free, other than the seed, and now a project we thought was going to cost a bundle, won’t cost much at all thanks to a little hard work (and dumb luck).

The worst part about digging those bricks up—which I mostly did myself, thank you very much—was not knowing what kind of creatures were living underneath. There was a lot of screaming and running involved when a few spiders, centipedes, and even snakes came crawling out. But I was a big girl and got right back to work—after my heart rate returned to normal.

So the walkway will come later after a little more planning, but we got the area for the garden cleared out. And since we had so many bricks, we used some of  them to form a border around the space. Next, we’ll just have to till the soil and plant the seeds.

You have no idea how excited I am about this small amount of progress we made. I’m already dreaming of all the yummy foods I’m going to make with our plethora of fresh veggies.


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