Schooled by Mother Nature

In my very first post for this blog, I showed a glimpse of our backyard full of trees (see here). When we first saw this house, we fell in love with the trees and the size of the yard. We had seen other houses with decent (more normal) sized yards that were nicely landscaped and only needed the addition of patio furniture. But there was something about the potential we saw in this particular backyard that got us excited. We knew it needed work, but we didn’t mind. Even the 17 mosquito bites my legs received during our first look at the house couldn’t deter us.


Then, we moved in. And we quickly realized that all though trees are pretty to look at and they provide a lot of shade, having a forest for a backyard comes with a few problems. (The image above doesn’t even show half of the trees, but it’s the only shot we took of the backyard after moving in.)

Problem #1: Roots in the plumbing.
After 6 hours of listening to a jackhammer destroy the bathroom connected to my office (while trying to work) the roots are gone…for now.

Problem #2: Grass actually needs a little sunlight in order to grow.
Too much shade, and you get a backyard full of dirt and sticks without a single blade of grass in sight.

Problem #3: Leaves!
Trees are pretty during the spring and summer, but then autumn comes, and suddenly your dirt and sticks are covered by millions and millions of leaves.

Problem #4: Trees need to be pruned.
The previous owners obviously hadn’t touched those trees at all. My poor husband spent a lot of time back there pruning what he could reach. And we ended up with a crapload of firewood. In case you don’t know how much wood a crapload is: crapload of firewood = 4 pickup trucks filled to the top.

But even through all of this, we know deep down in our hearts that we can turn it into a yard that we enjoy spending time in. And we are determined to do just that.


3 Responses to “Schooled by Mother Nature”

  1. Woah! You DO have an awesome backyard. You can’t even see the neighbors. It looks like you live in an enchanted forest… cool.


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