Age 4, smell you later

Today is a day full of conflicting emotions for me. It is the last day that my oldest son will be a 4-year-old. Tomorrow, whether I’m ready or not, he turns 5, and for me, that age represents a lot. It represents the transition of a little boy into a big boy.

To Simon, this means no more naps at preschool and no more “T” after the number on his clothing. Apparently, he thinks that turning 5 means all your 5T clothes no longer fit you anymore, and he’s very excited to lose that “T”. To me, this means more independence (as discussed in this previous post) and more embarrassment towards his parents. And, I don’t think I’m ready for that.

However, 4 hasn’t exactly been the most lovable age. For us, it’s been the most trying. Maybe turning 5 will bring an end to the “terrible fours.” Also, the older Simon gets, the more fun it is to watch him. He’s playing sports and learning to read and write. He amazes us all the time with some new skill he has developed. So, in some ways, I’m really excited about having a 5-year-old and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

I guess, no matter how conflicted I am, it’s going to happen, and there is nothing I can do about it. If there were, he would still be that little boy in the picture to the left. So, I’m ready to welcome age 5 with open arms. Bring it on!

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