Simon Says: Stranger Danger

As your children get older, there comes a point where you have to start teaching them about aspects of this world that you might not really want them to know about. Simon is at the age where he is seeking more independence, and we are encouraging it because it’s good for him and maybe it will even help him to overcome his shyness a little.

One night, he decided he really wanted to go to Alex’s hockey game so he could practice skating. However, I wasn’t able to go, so Alex offered to bring Simon and let him skate around on his own during the game, which meant Alex wouldn’t really be able to watch him closely. Simon thought this idea was great, but being a protective mother, I felt it necessary to tell him some rules about being in a place where unfamiliar people might talk to him. So, we basically had a short conversation about Stranger Danger.

Apparently, this subject really hit a nerve with him. And it has brought up many questions since and has become a common topic of conversation in our house. Of course, this has me questioning whether I broached a subject that he wasn’t quite mature enough to handle. I didn’t want to scare the poor kid, but I also don’t want an uninformed child naively following a stranger out to his/her car to get some candy or pet a puppy. So, I did what I thought was right at the time.

Anyway, the other day, Alex was home with both kids. Simon was in his room playing by himself, so Alex took the opportunity to go out the front door to get the mail. While outside, Alex decided to grab the trash/recycle bins from the street and bring them around back. So he came back into the house through the back door.

Simon heard the back door unexpectedly open and came running towards it with a look of determination in his eye. Then he stopped, looked at Alex, and said, “Oh, I thought you were stranger danger. I was going to punch you in the weenis!”


2 Responses to “Simon Says: Stranger Danger”

  1. dying. this is greatness.

    never doubt again that you both have taught the kid well.


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