The Blue Room

When we bought our house, our son, Simon, was 3 years old. He didn’t come along with us while looking at houses but we knew as soon as we saw a particular bedroom in this house, it would be his room, no matter what. Why? Because it was blue, his favorite color. And when we actually told him of this aforementioned blue room, he was so excited and couldn’t wait to move in. And we were just happy to give him something to look forward to since we were moving to a different state and taking him out of his preschool and away from his friends.

Here’s a picture of his room shortly after we moved in. We had already purchased a few new things from Ikea at this point. Sorry for the bad image — we were in desperate need of a new camera.

Unfortunately, the blue isn’t exactly the blue that my husband and I would have chosen. But Simon was so excited about it we decided to go with it…for now.

Here’s a picture of what the room is looking like these days. The blue walls are coming across a little differently in these new shots (better lighting and better camera…YAY!)

This was shot from the same angle as the BEFORE image above – standing in the doorway. The quilt on the bed was a baby gift for Simon, made by my mom. He loves it, and we think it works perfectly in the room. Most of the furniture and some of the decor was purchased at Ikea. We think it’s the perfect place to shop for kid’s rooms.

This shot was taken from the corner near the closet. The red bookcase was given to us for free. After a couple coats of glossy red paint, it was the perfect addition to Simon’s room and his growing book collection. The paintings on the wall (yes, they still need to be hung properly) were painted by Alex. He still has one or two more he plans to finish up soon…hopefully.

And this shot was taken from the opposite corner, standing near that red bookcase that was in the previous shot. You can see a couple smaller paintings by Alex hanging over the dresser. And we love those green wall shelves in the corner from Ikea, of course.

Simon’s room is the closest to being done, but there is still a small list of things left to do:

1. Finish monster/alien paintings and hang properly
2. Get curtains (Probably going to make my own no-sew curtains)
3. Figure out a good organization solution for the always messy art desk


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